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Thank you!

I’d like to thank you all for reading our blogs. Especially mine. Thank you for the kind words and acknowledgements. I’m particularly happy to know there are more and more people seeking out information regarding sex and porn addiction. Also the complex nature of a dysfunctional childhood and how it affects the lives of soRead More

Are You Being Bullied?


Children, teens and adults are being bullied every day in the world.  Are you one of them? It goes on every day, anywhere, at anytime.  It can be happening at school, in your neighborhood, at work, at home, and even online.  It can even be a combination of these things.  Bullies can be classmates, neighbors,Read More

What Is Love Good For (when it hurts so much)?


What is love good for? Good question. Love… It seems all human beings have been doing since the beginning of existence is set themselves up for pain, disappointment, and [sometimes] failure. Doesn’t really matter who’s fault it is or was. Doesn’t even matter which gender the fault lies within.  What matters is that something isRead More